Gemstone Soap ISADORA

Sparkling memories.
The gemstone soap “Isadora” captures the spirit of time like no other. The soaps are poured, stamped and cut by hand in Austria.

Thanks to the special pouring technique, the logo sits in the middle of the soap and therefore is retained after each usage for a long time. Our motto: Diamonds shine forever.
transparent soap 50 g made from eco-glycerine, refined with essential oils.
Color and fragrance can be selected, logo is inside the soap, soap packed in a transparent cello bag in an individually printed paper case (100 x 70 x 20 mm)
customized design included
Prices in Euros and excluding taxes

glycerine soap 50 g, with logo

500 3,45
1.000 3,19
2.000 2,96
3.000 2,82


The ISADORA soap shines even more when wet. The logo on the inside will remain clearly visible after each usage. To persevere the shining look allow it to dry after usage.

You can choose your favourite fragrance from a variety of essential oils. The colour is also tailored to your wishes.
Delivery time:
4-6 weeks from print approval
The design is customized according to your wishes and guidelines.


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