Paper Clip Case MR. BIG

Big show for this little giveaway!
MR. BIG is a paper case filled with paper clips. The clips are available in many different shapes and colours. Our exemplary business look design and will catch everyone's attention at work.
To get access to the paper clips, fold the flaps like a collar.

Paper case, size: 53 x 71 x 6 mm, paper: 300 g matt laminated, individually 4c printed.
8 paper clips in customized shape

customized design included

Prices in Euros and excluding taxes.

Paper case with 8 clips

from 2.000 pcs 1,36
from 3.000 pcs 1,10
from 5.000 pcs 0,88
from 10.000 pcs 0,71

The clips are available in all different kind of shapes. For example: animals, leaves, food, sports, equipment etc. and many more...
The packaging is customized to fit your needs. There are endless possibilities.
Your ideas are always welcome - or just ask us for alternatives:

Delivery time:
6-7 weeks from print approval

The design is customized according to your wishes and guidelines.

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