Pine Pouch PINGU

A scented memory from nature. Here are our pine pouches PINGU.

Pouch available in two sizes, color: gray or cream, incl. 1c print (transfer screen print), filled with scented pine flakes, with a customized card and satin ribbon (choose from many colors)
design included

prices in euro and excl. taxes

Pine pouch BABY PINGU
size 15 x 9 cm

from 500 pcs 2,98
from 1.000 pcs 2,27
from 3.000 pcs 1,82
from 5.000 pcs 1,66

Pine pouch PAPA PINGU
size 21 x 12 cm

from 500 pcs 3,31
from 1.000 pcs 2,61
from 3.000 pcs 2,16
from 5.000 pcs 2,02


How to use:
The pine pouch is made to relax. Enjoy by puting it into your bed and heating it up for the most intense scent experience. The pine scent gives you peace and remember to a wonderful time in nature.
Tip: The pine pouch is also good for the wardrobe.

You can choose from many other scented fillings too.
For example lavender oder rose fillings are good smelling alternatives.

Delivery time:
5-6 weeks from print approval

The design is customized according to your wishes and guidlines. Everything we need is your data (logos, colors, fonts, pictures, ...) which we are allowed to design with.

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