Salt Glass AURORA

Filled with wort from the heart of nature.

natural sea salt mixture (100% hand-harvested, unrefined sea salt crystals), pure or with organic herbs and flowers
in a slim 55 ml glass with screw cap and spout, incl. customized card and label

prices in euro and excl. tax

Salt glass with pure sea salt

from 1.000 pcs 2,01
from 2.000 pcs 1,82
from 3.000 pcs 1,64
from 5.000 pcs 1,59

Sea salt mixture in the glass with natural sea salt, organic herbs and flowers

ab 1.000 Stk. 2,28
ab 2.000 Stk. 2,09
ab 3.000 Stk. 1,89
ab 5.000 Stk. 1,84


Available with pure sea salt or a mixture of organic herbs and flowers (parsley, oregano, petals, basil, sea algae, poppy, rosemary and thyme), card in the common size A7, 4 pages or customized in size on request, label size 45 mm high and 110 mm all around, with satin ribbon (choose from many colors), glass filled, labeled and card bound on salt glass

Delivery time:
5-6 weeks from print approval

The design is customized according to your wishes and guidlines. Everything we need is your data (logos, colors, fonts, pictures, ...) which we are allowed to design with.

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