Sometimes you want to share a small gift but the project seems already to fail because you have no idea what to give. Unfortunately, you barely find little presents which are able to surprise. First and foremost DESIGNORINA wants to inspire. With new ideas and products, which seem to fit in our spirit of age, send out humor and speak some cordial words. With a piece of creativity, a gift does not need to be big. Even a small thing gets huge attention and emotional value by having an awesome and warmly look and feel. Sometimes we believe that there is "nothing" available on the market. But it is much more the process of brainstorming that turns a simple giveaway into the right gorgeous thing. Just be curious and browse through our samples and client references. Get inspired.


We want to keep the uniqueness of our clients alive. Therefore, we design and text each giveaway with the corporate identity and customized wishes of our clients. The design process starts right after you have placed your order and shared all data and wishes with us. This service is included in all giveaway orders. Find out how special our giveaways can be and refer to our clients references.

Unique shape

You cannot find the right gift for you? Is it possible that you are a real "unicorn"? Do you have a unique trait or a very special market to serve? Probably you need a bit more individuality - even with your giveaways. We design and manufacture special orders as well. We can do your unique shape of packaging, special product creations and much more. Please keep in mind that the minimum order quantity is usually higher. Feel free to ask us about the opportunities. Send us an email to:

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