Chilling Rocks BALBOA "Easy Pack"

These stones made of granite chill your drink in a particular cool way.

granite stones (2 x 2 x 2 cm) incl. engraving, individually all over printed and closed with a transparent round sticker.
including design

prices in euro und excl. taxes

4-stone set

from 1.000 pcs 2,74
from 2.000 pcs 2,39
from 3.000 pcs 2,24
from 5.000 pcs 2,11

6-stone set

from 1.000 pcs 3,44
from 2.000 pcs 3,09
from 3.000 pcs 2,94
from 5.000 pcs 2,81


How to use:
Put the stones into the freezer for minimum 3 hours, then put the stones in your drink. Wait a short moment and enjoy.

Our chilling rocks are high-quality granite stones, which get personalized for you by engraving. The finish of the stones can be mat or glossy. They come in an individually printed paper case, which is closed with a round transparent sticker. The round sticker can be printed too.

Delivery time:
6-7 weeks from print approval

The design is customized according to your wishes and guidlines. Everything we need is your data (logos, colors, fonts, pictures, ...) which we are allowed to design with.

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