We create tailor-made gifts for your guests.

Our clients are hotels, guesthouses and resorts that love pampering their valued guests. Small gifts to guests should put a sparkle in their eyes and make every stay an unforgettable one. We support you by creating exceptionally beautiful giveaways that will put a smile on your guests' lips. During the creation and development process we consider the special needs of travelers. For example: How much space does the gift need in the luggage? What is the ideal size of the gift? What will your guest associate with you, and what's the message? How long lasting is the gift?
Not only guests appreciate our creations, but also hotels. A well-chosen gift is an important advertising medium which helps to keep positive memories of a stay for a long time.

We start with the idea.

If you don't have the right idea yet, no problem - we take care of it. Firstly, we start collecting information with you. What is the occasion? How would you describe your guests? When do you hand over the gift? How would you describe your hotel? We ensure our giveaways will reflect your values and your unique spirit. We'll provide you with ideas, and you choose which you like the most. If you already have your own idea, or you are interested in a certain product – perfect. We will discuss all necessary details and ensure the perfect design for you.

The design process.

During the design process we follow your corporate design guidelines to support your brand identity. We also consider what message should be transported through the giveaway. We'll send you several proposals and you choose whatever fits best. The design process is always included in all our giveaways.

The design is done. And now?

There's only one thing left, look forward to it! We are now starting the production process and in a few weeks your gifts will be delivered to you.
By the way: We offer to order a product sample before choosing the right gift. In this way you can convince yourself about the quality of our products in advance. If you like to receive a product sample, feel free to contact us via email: office@designorina.at

You are not in the tourism industry but still interested in a giveaway?

Our giveaways are not only suitable for the hotel industry, but also for other industries. Rule of thumb: If you like our customized products - they will suit you. Check out some of our references and get inspired.


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