Cleaning Cloth TOMORROW

Look forward to tomorrow.
With our cleaning cloths “TOMORROW”, we always have the most beautiful views in our pockets.
TOMORROW helps you to keep your sunglasses clean. It provides the clearest view of the best moments in life and helps to refresh memories when needed.
The cleaning cloth is presented in the environmentally friendly natural paper cover.
Glasses cleaning cloth 15 × 18 cm, 4c printed
in a natural paper case, 4 / 4c printed,
with tuck tab
Customized design included
Prices in Euros and excluding taxes.

cleaning cloth in a natural paper case

1.000 pcs. € 1,68
2.000 pcs. € 1,36
3.000 pcs. € 1,19
5.000 pcs. € 1,03
10.000 pcs. € 0,94


The front cover can be opened and closed using a push-in flap. Inside you will find a nicely presented and folded glasses cleaning cloth.
Delivery time:
5-6 weeks from print approval
The design is customized according to your wishes and guidelines.


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