Tropical Scented Candle CANDIE

Light up your memories
Smell the scent of warm sun rays and salty air that remind you of your most dreamy destinations.

Your guests associate you with palms and beach?
Fine! Create a fresh, summery fragrance to let the beach feeling live on.
Other scents? We create whatever you are looking for.

100 % soy wax (50 g), burn time 8-10 h, in colored glass cup, cotton wick, custom scent (choose from a wide range of blends), 1c direct print on cup or 4c printed label, with custom printed box

customized design included

Scented Mini Candle, 50 g soy wax, custom cup

500 pcs. € 4,65
1.000 pcs. € 3,92
2.000 pcs. € 3,50
3.000 pcs. € 3,22
5.000 pcs. € 3,10

Light up, enjoy and dream. Burn within sight.

Create your own corporate blend. Salty sea breeze, fresh notes of herbs and woods or tropical fruity blends. Feel free to send us an email.

8-10 weeks from print approval

The design is customized according to your wishes and guidelines.


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